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WELCOME TO Rainbow Shine Infotech

Rainbow Shine’s own Agile Transformation helps software organizations more efficiently and predictably respond to the demands of business.The pace of change was accelerating at an unbelievable rate. We needed a solution powerful enough to help us keep pace. Our development organization was going agile, and our QA solutions needed to adapt right along with us.

Complete Solution Provider

Rainbow Shine Infotech is highly focused on supporting everyday musicians with notation-based software. What differentiates Rainbow Shine’s products from competitive products is not a list of dozens or hundreds of features. Rather, Notation Software’s products are different from competitive products based simply on who our products are for: everyday musicians.

Rainbow Shine Infotech continuously improves management software

Rainbow Shine Infotech is moving ahead aggressively, worldwide, to bring the power of our unparalleled solutions to more businesses.

Our Mission

Our goal is to increase our customers’ productivity by developing powerful, user-friendly, and effective management programs.

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